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Abstract #3913

Combined Analysis of Perfusion & Capillary Permeability by Parametric Analysis of the Tissue Residue Function from DCE-MRI

Atle Bjornerud1,2, Tuva Hope1, Christopher Larsson1, Frederic Courivaud1, Raimo Aleksi Salo1, Knut Lote3, Inge Andre Rasmussen1

1Interventional Centre, Oslo University Hospital, Oslo, Norway; 2Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Oslo, Norway; 3Dept. of Oncology, Oslo University Hospital, Oslo, Norway

We present a method for combined analysis of perfusion and capillary permeability by parametric analysis of the tissue residue function obtained by vascular deconvolution. Transfer constant (Ktrans) and intra/extravascular volume fractions (vi/ve) were derived and compared to the same values obtained with a conventional two-compartment kinetic model (std. analysis) in three glioma patients undergoing a standard treatment regime, including a total of 13 longitudinal scans. The proposed method gave Ktrans and ve values in very good agreement with those obtained with std. analysis whereas vi values were systematically higher with the proposed method.