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Abstract #3942

Implementation of Real Time Motion Correction in Diffusion Tensor Imaging

Alkathafi ALI Alhamud1, Aaron Hess1, Matthew Dylan Tisdall2, Ernesta M. Meintjes1, Andre J. van Der Kouwe2

1University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa; 2Department of Radiology, Harvard Medical School, MA, United States

This paper presents a novel technique to correct, in real time, spatial misalignment of diffusion volumes. A 3D low resolution navigator based on T1 weighted imaging is inserted between the diffusion volumes to compensate for rotation and translation in all 6 degrees of freedom using PACE. The DTI sequence was modified and ran three (Moco, NoMoco and Baseline) on a subject. The results show a substantial improvement in the diffusion tensor parameters with Moco, also the FA histogram shows a shift and a broadening in the FA distribution with NoMoco data, while a significant recovering with Moco was noted.