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Abstract #3999

Calibrated fMRI using Simultaneous EEG & fMRI & the Effect of Hypercapnia on CMRO2

Andrea Federspiel1, Ariane Orosz1, Martinus Hauf2, Roland Wiest2, Danny J. J. Wang3, Thomas Dierks1, Kay Jann1

1Department of Psychiatric Neurophysiology, University Hospital of Psychiatry, Bern, Switzerland; 2Institute of Diagnostic & Interventional Neuroradiology, University of Bern, Switzerland; 3Department of Neurology, UCLA, Ahmanson-Lovelace Brain Mapping Center, Los Angeles, CA, United States

Calibrated fMRI is performed with simultaneous EEG and fMRI recording. In the fMRI setting a set of ASL and BOLD images are acquired with hypercapnia condition and a set of ASL and BOLD images during visual stimulation (checkerboard 2Hz). Calculation of CMRO2 during hypercapnia was performed and revealed values in line with previous findings. Visual evoked potentials showed latency of P100 peak at 116 ms. During hypercapnia a reduced power in frequency bands theta and alpha 2 are observed. These findings suggest that during hypercania CMRO2 may not be constant. These findings may have implication in future calibrated fMRI setting.