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Abstract #4035

PC-MRI Velocimetry as Improved Initial Approximation in Iterative CFD Modeling

Vitaliy L. Rayz1, Loic Boussel2, Gabriel Acevedo-Bolton1, Alastair J. Martin1, David Saloner1

1Radiology, University of California, San Francisco, CA, United States; 2Radiology, Louis Pradel Hospital, CREATIS-LRMN, UMR CNRS 5515, INSERM U630, Lyon, France

Phase-contrast MR velocimetry is capable of measuring 3D velocity fields, but limited resolution leads to errors in wall shear stress estimation. An accurate estimation of the wall shear with CFD modeling requires significant computation times. PC-MRV and CFD methods were combined by using measured PC-MRV data as an initial approximation for the iterative solution in 3 patient-specific cerebral aneurysm models. The flow fields obtained with CFD corresponded to MRV measurements and computational time required to reach convergence was reduced by up to 25%.