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Abstract #4135

Integration of Structural & Functional Biomarkers of MRI Data Toward Early Diagnosis of Alzheimers Disease

Jong-Hwan Lee1,2, Junghoe Kim1, Yong-Hwan Kim1, Dong-Youl Kim1, Soohyun Ha2

1Brain & Cognitive Engineering, Korea University, Seoul, Korea, Republic of; 2College of Information and Communication, Korea University, Seoul, Korea, Republic of

In this study, integration of MRI- and fMRI-driven biomarkers toward early detection of the Alzheimers disease (AD) was addressed, in which three types of feature vectors including (1) volumetric information from MRI, (2) neuronal activity from fMRI, and (3) volumetric information together with neuronal activity were employed as input of a support vector machine classifier.