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Abstract #4140

Presurgical Evaluation using Functional Connectivity Resting-State fMRI

Leslie Vlerick1,2, Eric Achten1,2

1Dept. Neuroradiology, Ghent University Hospital, Ghent, Belgium; 2GIfMI (Ghent Institute for Functional & Metabolic Imaging), Ghent, Belgium

Functional connectivity analysis of resting-state fMRI (fcrs-fMRI) has been shown to be a robust non-invasive method for localization of functional areas and networks throughout the brain on an individual level. Its use for preoperative planning could overcome some of the disadvantages of traditional task-evoked fMRI. We acquired fcrs-fMRI data of 10 patients in presurgical evaluation, and compared the results with traditional task-fMRI data. In most of the subjects there is a good concordance between fcrs- and task-fMRI results, i.e. similar regions are found. We hereby provide evidence for the potential use of functional connectivity resting-state fMRI data in presurgical planning.