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Abstract #4139

Spatio-Temporal Mapping of Interictal Epileptic Discharges Based on Mutual Information of Concurrent EEG & fMRI

Cesar Caballero Gaudes1, Serge Vulliemoz2, Frederic Grouiller3, Magritta Seeck2, Dimitri Van De Ville1,4, Franois Lazeyras1

1Radiology Department, CIBM, Hpitaux Universitaires de Genve, Geneva, Switzerland; 2Neurology Department, Epilepsy Unit, Hpitaux Universitaires de Genve; 3Neurology Department, Functional Brain Mapping Laboratory, Hpitaux Universitaires de Genve; 4Institute of Bioengineering, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

This work demonstrates that an information theoretic analysis based on the mutual information between the EEG-score and the fMRI data provides further insight in the study of epileptiform networks and interictal epileptic discharges with concurrent EEG-fMRI. This method balances the information provided by both imaging modalities, and does not require a-priori models for the haemodynamic response nor does it assume a linear relationship between the spiking epileptic activity detected on the scalp-EEG and BOLD responses. The technique was evaluated in 5 epileptic patients, confirming neurological assessment in 4 cases and showing better or equivalent performance than conventional GLM-based analysis.