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Abstract #4155

Altered Cerebral Perfusion & Functional Connectivity in a Response-Control Network in Parkinsons Disease Measured by ASL

Mara A. Fernndez-Seara1, Marta Vidorreta1, Maite Aznrez-Sanado1, Francis Loayza1, Federico Villagra1, Maria Pastor1

1Center for Applied Medical Research, University of Navarra, Pamplona, Navarra, Spain

Using ASL perfusion MRI, we have detected perfusion and functional connectivity abnormalities in Parkinsons disease patients in their clinical ON state. Decreased perfusion has been observed in parietal, motor, premotor and supplementary motor areas. More interestingly, however, increased functional connectivity has been detected in a network involving pre-SMA, subthalamic nucleus, thalamus and the frontal cortex. These areas have been previously identified as key nodes in a functional-anatomical network critical for response suppression.