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Abstract #4196

Hemodynamic Response from Ketamine & Effect of MGluR2/3 Agonist (LY404039) Pretreatment.

Anders Andersson1, Mattias Lindberg1, Fu-Hua Wang1, Tomas Klason1

1AstraZeneca R&D, Sodertalje, Sweden

Ketamine, given at subanesthetic doses, have been used in the literature to produce schizophrenic-like symptoms both in animals and man. In this study, phMRI was used to investigate the effects of a selective mGlur2/3 agonist (LY404039) on the Ketamine activation pattern. A SpinEcho EPI single shot sequence with USPIO contrast agent (Resovist) at 9.4T was used. The response was calculated as area-under-the-curve in defined brain regions, giving a significantly attenuated response from the LY404039 pretreated group compared with the saline control group. This shows a great potential of phMRI in drug research using the Ketamine induced schizophrenia model.