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Abstract #4242

Whole Brain High Resolution T2w 3D TSE at 7Tesla with a Tissue Specific Non Linear Refocus Pulse Angle Sweep; Initial Results.

Frederik Visser1,2, Jaco Zwanenburg1, Peter Luijten1

17 Tesla, UMC-Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands; 2Philips Heathcare, Best, Netherlands

The aim of the present study is to develop a whole brain high resolution 3D T2w TSE sequence with good T2w contrast and high SNR at 7T, capable of sub-hippocampus segmentation and the detection of sub-millimeter lesions in general. Successful implementation of 3D T2w TSE sequences has been reported for 3T and lower field strengths. At 7T, implementation is not straightforward. A tissue specific refocusing angle sweep is used to reduce SAR and to improve SNR and CNR. Multiple compensation techniques are used to reduce artifacts induced by motion and B1 in-homogeneity.