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Abstract #4249

Meyer's Loop Delineated on Magnitude Images of Susceptibility-Weighted Imaging: Pre- & Postoperative Perimetric Correlation in Patients with Refractory Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Nobuyuki Mori1, Yukio Miki2, Nobuhiro Mikuni3, Riki Matsumoto4, Seiko Kasahara5, Emiko Morimoto5, Mitsunori Kanagaki5, Akira Yamamoto5, Tomohisa Okada5, Satoshi Noma1, Kaori Togashi5

1Radiology, Tenri Hospital, Tenri, Nara, Japan; 2Radiology, Osaka City University Graduate School of Medicine; 3Neurosurgery, Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine; 4Neurology, Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine; 5Diagnostic Imaging & Nuclear Medicine, Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine

It has been reported that magnitude image of susceptibility-weighted imaging (mSWI) can delineate the entire length of the optic radiation, including its anterior part, Meyerfs loop (ML), as a low signal intensity bundle (LSB) in healthy volunteers. In this study, we retrospectively evaluated the appearances of the anterior part of LSB on pre- and postoperative mSWI in patients with refractory temporal lobe epilepsy and compared them with the findings on post- and/or preoperative perimetry, proving the validity of preoperative assessment of ML on mSWI for preventing the unpredictable postoperative visual field defect due to damage to this fiber bundle.