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Abstract #4257

Myelin Mapping in Mouse Brain In Vivo using Contrast-Enhanced Magnetization Transfer MRI

Takashi Watanabe1, Jens Frahm1, Thomas Michaelis1

1Biomedical NMR Research GmbH, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Gttingen, Germany

This work demonstrates the combined and complimentary use of MnCl2 and Gd-DTPA to improve the white/gray matter contrast in magnetization-transfer MRI (3D FLASH) of the brain of living mice. A systemic Mn2+ administration followed by an intraventricular Gd-DTPA administration increased the SNR by 26% in the white and by 46% in the gray matter, which resulted in a CNR improvement by 121%. The underlying T1 shortening was more pronounced in the gray ( 62%) than in the white matter (39%). Intracellular Mn2+ and extracellular Gd-DTPA efficiently complement each other in shortening the T1 of brain tissue fluid.