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Abstract #4258

Correlation of NMR Metabolic Profile & Gene Expression Profiles in High Grade Glioma

Jose Manuel Morales1, Eva Serna, Ana Gonzalez-Segura2, Concha Lopez-Gines, Jose Manuel Gonzalez-Darder3, Ramon Cardona, Miguel Cerda-Nicolas, Daniel Monleon2

1Universidad de Valencia, Valencia, Spain; 2Fundacion Investigacion HCUV, Valencia, Spain; 3Hospital Clinico Valencia

The metabolic consequences of different angiogenesis gene expression profiles in gliomas are still unknown. Gene expression profiling of different metabolic phenotypes of high grade glioma may provide new information for better management of this disease. In this communication, we show high grade glioma NMR molecular profiles correlated with gene expression profiles of 20 high grade glioma biopsies. Our results show a correlation between angiogenesis and metabolic profile. This correlation involves metabolites closely related to higher glycolytic rate, to proliferation and to hypoxia. Our approach suggests that combined analysis of existing data sets can reveal new insights and that the large amount of publicly available cancer data sets should be further utilized in a similar manner.