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Abstract #4260

Clinical Protocol for Brain Tumour Patients using a 3T Hybrid MR-BrainPET

Nadim Jon Shah1,2, Irene Neuner1,2, Joachim B. Kaffanke1, Christian Filss1, Gabriele Stoffels1, Hans Herzog1, Karl-Josef Langen1

1Institute of Neuroscience & Medicine, Research Centre Jlich, Jlich, Germany; 2Department of Neurology, Faculty of Medicine, JARA, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany

In brain tumour patients different imaging modalities contribute to diagnosis and grading of malignancy in brain tumours. Clinicians are interested in the localization of the tumour, in differentiation of oedema and tumour tissue and in grading the tumour which has a large impact on the prognosis for the patient. Imaging within a hybrid MR-BrainPET scanner allows for the acquisition of essential clinical data in one stop in the same brain at the same time under the same physiological conditions within a time frame of approximately 45 minutes.