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Abstract #4285

"Flow-Void Enhanced" Volumetric Black-Blood Angiography using 3D-TSE with Very Low-Constant Refocusing Flip Angles & Sensitized Flow Compensation

Masami Yoneyama1, Masnobu Nakamura1, Tomoyuki Okuaki1, Takashi Tabuchi1, Atsushi Takemura2, Makoto Obara2, Junko Ogura1

1Medical Satellite Yaesu Clinic, Tokyo, Japan; 2Philips Electronics Japan, Tokyo, Japan

3D RARE (TSE) sequence is promising for black-blood angiography. In this study, we propose a new scheme of sequence parameter optimization for "flow-void enhanced" volumetric black-blood angiography. All experiments were performed on a 3.0T imager. Methods were flowing phantom study and volunteer study. From the results, optimal parameter for black-blood angiography was: very low refocusing flip angles, pseudo steady-state preparation chosen "90+alpha/2" preparation. Furthermore, "sensitized" flow-compensation at the "in-plane flow" imaging plane, that was more flow-voided in parallel direction of flow and phase-encode. This optimal sequence can be used for 3D volumetric black-blood angiography and vessel wall imaging.