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Abstract #4560

Simultaneous T1, T2, & B1 Mapping using Partially RF-Spoiled Gradient Echo

Yo Taniguchi1, Suguru Yokosawa1, Yoshitaka Bito1

1Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd., Kokubunji, Tokyo, Japan

In MR parameter mapping, parameters are estimated from images obtained with various acquisition parameters. For the estimation, the intensity function, which defines the relationship of image intensity to acquisition and MR parameters, needs to be formulated analytically in a simple form. A method to formulate the intensity function numerically by computer simulation based on Bloch equations is proposed. Intensity functions of arbitrary pulse sequences are formulated using this method so that rapid imaging is applied for the mapping. The intensity function for partially RF-spoiled gradient echo was formulated numerically, and we confirmed that T1, T2, and B1 maps were well estimated simultaneously from images obtained in a phantom experiment.