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Abstract #4601

Advantages of Digital vs. Analog Accelerometer-Based Sensor for Respiratory Motion Correction

Laure Rousselet1,2, Slavisa Jovanovic1,2, Cdric Pasquier3,4, Jacques Felblinger1,2

1IADI, Nancy-Universit, Nancy, France; 2U947, INSERM, Nancy, France; 3CIT 801, INSERM, Nancy, France; 4CIC-IT, CHU de Nancy, Nancy, France

Physiological motions influence considerably MRI image quality of moving organs by generating artifacts. To reduce their influence, information about the motion of imaged organs is needed. This information is often obtained by using motion sensors. In MRI environment, pneumatic belts are most often used for motion monitoring despite the fact that they only deliver average motion information, which is not suitable for motion compensated tools. An alternative to these sensors are already proposed accelerometer-based sensors having fixed motion signal acquisition parameters and making it less adapted for smaller respiratory motions. In this study a solution for this problem was proposed.