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Abstract #4602

Real Time Velocity-Based Navigator Triggering in the Abdomen: Initial Results

Gabriele Beck1, Jeroen Stout1, Vincent Denolin2, Kenneth Coenegrachts3, Gwenael Herigault1

1Philips Healthcare, Best, Netherlands; 2Philips Healthcare Benelux, Brussels, Belgium; 3Department of Radiology, AZ St.-Jan, Brugge, Belgium

In Respiratory Triggering, prior knowledge of the optimal trigger delay time or level is typically needed to adjust the acquisition window to the end expiration phase. End expiration patterns however often varies throughout the scan with the consequence that trigger moments are missed or acquisitions are performed in between inspiration and expiration states showing image blurring and prolonged scan time. A novel Navigator triggering method is presented that relies on the real-time analysis of breathing states and velocities to detect the calm end expiration phase. The method provides improved scan efficiency and image sharpness in abdominal imaging as compared to conventional triggering techniques.