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Abstract #4610

Motion Correction using Coil Arrays (MOCCA) for Free-Breathing Cardiac Cine MRI

Peng Hu1, Susie Hong, Mehdi H. Moghari, Beth Goddu, Lois Goepfert, Thomas H. Hauser, Warren J. Manning, Reza Nezafat

1Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA, United States

We present a free-breathing motion compensation technique based on coil arrays (MOCCA) and evaluate its application in free-breathing respiratory self-gated cardiac cine MRI. The proposed method was tested on a cohort of healthy adult subjects and patients for subjective image quality and objective blood-myocardium border sharpness, and was compared with breath-hold cine MRI with regard to left and right ventricular volumes and ejection fraction measurements. Our data indicate that the proposed MOCCA method provides significantly improved image quality and sharpness compared to free-breathing cine without respiratory self-gating, and provides similar volume measurements compared with standard breath-hold cine MRI.