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Abstract #4611

Assessment of Accuracy & Reproducibility of ECG, Pulse Oximetry & Phonocardiogram Gating of Cardiac MRI at 7T

Tobias Frauenrath1, Thibaut de Geyer DOrth1, Thoralf Niendorf1,2

1Berlin Ultrahigh Field Facility, MDC Berlin, Berlin, Germany; 2Charit Campus Buch, Humboldt-University, Experimental & Clinical Research Center (ECRC), Berlin, Germany

At (ultra)high magnetic fields the artifact sensitivity of ECG recordings increases. This bears the risk of R-wave mis-registration which has been consistently reported for ECG triggered CMR at 7.0T. Realizing the constraints of conventional ECG, acoustic cardiac triggering (ACT) has been proposed. The clinical ACT has not been carefully examined yet. For this reason, this work scrutinizes the suitability, accuracy and reproducibility of ACT for CMR at 7.0T. For this purpose, the trigger reliability and trigger detection variance are examined together with an qualitative and quantitative assessment of image quality of the heart at 7.0T.