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Abstract #4661

Mapping the Human Connectome with Lausanne Neuroimaging Tools

Patric Hagmann1, Stephan Gerhard1,2, Alessandro Daducci2, Leila Cammoun2, Elda Fischi2, Alia Lemkaddem2, Djalel Meskaldji2, Xavier Gigandet2, Reto Meuli1, Jean-Philippe Thiran2

1Radiology, CHUV-UNIL, Lausanne, VD, Switzerland; 2LTS5, EPFL, Lausanne, VD, Switzerland

Connectome science emerges from the conjunction of several major technological and scientific developments. With the aim of making connectomics as accessible as possible to the scientific community we present our set of freely available tools to map the human connectome and provide a stepwise explanation on how to proceed from a raw MRI acquisition up to the network analysis.