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Abstract #0098

Mapping Functional Connectome Changes of the Human Brain Across the Life Span

Miao Cao1, Zhengjia Dai1, Fengmei Fan2, Lili Jiang2, Xiaoyan Cao2, Mingrui Xia1, Ni Shu1, Xinian Zuo2, Yong He1

1National Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China; 2Institue of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

Uncovering the lifespan changes of the human brain is crucial in discovery neuroscience. The lifespan trajectory coding both normal developing and aging stages of the brain has reflected dramatic changes both its structure and function. It has been commonly accepted that human brain is structurally and functionally organized into a complex network allowing the segregation and integration of information processing. However, how the brain network is reorganized through the lifespan has been rarely studied. Here, we used resting-state fMRI and graph-theory methods to map the lifespan trajectory of human whole-brain functional networks in 150 healthy subjects (7-85 years old).