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Abstract #0196

Steady-State & Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast Using USPIOs in Humans

SUMMA25Thomas Christen1, Deqiang Qiu1, Wendy Wei Ni1, Heiko Schmiedeskamp1, Roland Bammer1, Michael Moseley1, Greg Zaharchuk1

1Department of Radiology, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, United States

In this study, we acquired both steady-state and dynamic susceptibility CBV maps using ferumoxytol (an FDA-approved ultra-small paramagnetic iron oxide (USPIO) compound) in 4 volunteers and compared the quantitative values at different doses and spatial resolutions. The results show similar patterns between all the maps and average blood volumes that are consistent with prior literature values. The study suggests that high-resolution quantitative CBV maps can be obtained with the proposed steady-state approach and could be used to detect smaller lesions.