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Abstract #0237

Evaluation of Reproducibility of Measured Arterial Input Functions and DCE-MRI Derived Model Estimates Obtained Using Either Pre-Bolus Individual AIFs or Population Derived AIFs

Mihaela Rata1, David Collins1, James Darcy1, Christina Messiou1, Nina Tunariu1, Martin Leach1, Nandita Desouza1, Matthew Orton1

1MRI Unit, CR-UK and EPSRC Cancer Imaging Centre, Institute of Cancer Research and Royal Marsden Hospital, Sutton, United Kingdom

Dynamic contrast enhanced MRI requires an estimate/measurement of the arterial input function (AIF) to derive pharmacokinetic parameters. This study investigated a cohort of 21 patients, evaluating the usefulness of measured patient specific AIFs as derived from pre-bolus compared with a population-based averaged AIF. The variation of extracted AIFs was explored over 3 vertical segments of the aorta in order to define the most reproducible region. The reproducibility of the pharmacokinetic parameter Ktrans was measured using various AIFs. The results suggest no improvement of the study reproducibility when using the individual AIF derived from coronal pre-bolus data.