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Abstract #0281

T2 Mapping & Glycosaminoglycan-Dependent Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (GagCEST) Imaging of Focal Lesions in Knee Cartilage Using 3 T MRI

Benjamin Schmitt1, Goetz H. Welsch2, Moritz Zaiss3, Stefan Zbyn, Sabine Goed, Siegfried Trattnig

1Centre for High-Field MR, Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria; 2University Hospital Erlangen; 3German Cancer Research Center (dkfz)

This study presents initial results from gagCEST imaging performed on a clinical 3 T-MR scanner in 3 volunteers and 9 patients with focal knee injuries. In volunteers, the performance of a B0 correction method based on retrospective correction of z-spectra was evaluated by comparison with a standard phase mapping technique. Results from volunteers suggest applicability of the correction method and indicate that gagCEST effects can be measured at 3 T. Patient results show that gagCEST effects are susceptible to changes of T2 values, but could have a value for detection of GAG loss that occurs without affecting T2.