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Abstract #0336

Serial Effects of Iodinated Contrast Media on the Renal Hemodynamics & Oxygenation as Evaluated by ASL & BOLD MRI

SUMMA25Jing Wang1, Yudong Zhang2, Xuedong Yang2, Xiaoying Wang2, Jue Zhang1, 3, Jing Fang1, 3

1Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, Peking University, Beijing, China; 2Department of Radiology, Peking University First Hospital, Beijing, China; 3College of Engineering, Peking University, Beijing, China

Contrast media is associated with several adverse effects, including contrast-induced nephropathy. We utilized noninvasive ASL and BOLD MRI to evaluate the serial effects of intravenous-injected iodinated CM on rabbit renal hemodynamics and oxygenation. Both FAIR-ASL and multiple-echo SPGR sequences were performed 24 hours before and 1, 24, 48 and 72 hours after injection to obtain serial renal blood flow and relative spin-spin relaxation rate (R2*). Iopamidol is associated with a relatively longer-term hypoperfusion in whole kidney and decreased oxygen level in the inner stripes of the outer medulla.