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Abstract #0338

Evaluating Endothelial Damage in Acute Kidney Injury with Perfluorocarbon (PFC) Nanoparticles (NP) & 19F MRI

SUMMA25Lingzhi Hu1, Junjie Chen1, Xiaoxia Yang1, Shelton D. Caruthers1, Gregory M. Lanza1, Samuel A. Wickline1

1Washington University School of Medicine, saint louis, MO, United States

We have demonstrated a new 19F MRI approach using circulating PFC NP to quantify renal perfusion and vascular damage after ischemic injury. The measured regional intrarenal blood volume and oxygenation is consistent with previous observations. In I/R injured kidney, 19F MRI of PFC NP delineates reduced blood volume in C-M junction and vascular leakage in medulla as a consequence of endothelial damage. Although BOLD MRI shows enhanced T2* values at C-M junction of injured kidneys, it does not necessarily reflect hyperoxia but may also sense reduced blood flow. Thus, the proposed novel 19F MRI approach could provide a powerful tool to assess renal vascular damage in AKI.