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Abstract #0353

Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Pattern Under Different Diffusion Times in OGSE

Yanwei Wang1, Blake Walters1, Jae K. Kim1

1Thunder Bay Regional Research Institute, Thunder Bay, On, Canada

This work has used Monte Carlo simulation to study the apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) behavior at different diffusion time under different microstructure models and multiple gradient powers in OGSE. Study shows a strong dependence of ADC on the diffusion time and consistently convergent behavior which is microstructure specific. This converged free diffusion coefficient at sufficiently fast diffusion time (high frequency) would be used to distinguish the microstructure. An experiment using PGSE and customized OGSE in a clinical GE3.0T at 5 Gauss per cm is reported. Consistent behavior with simulation result is achieved which highlights the potential ability of OGSE.