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Abstract #0362

Indirect Echo Compensated T2 Mapping from Highly Undersampled Radial FSE Data with SERENADE

MAGNA25Chuan Huang1, Ali Bilgin2, Maria I. Altbach3

1Mathematics, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, United States; 2Biomedical Engineering, University of Arizona; 3Radiology, University of Arizona

With the goal of fast T2 mapping, a radial FSE technique, where T2 maps are reconstructed from highly undersampled data, was developed. As all T2 mapping techniques based on multiple refocusing pulses, the accuracy of T2 estimation is compromised by the presence of indirect echoes. Recently a slice resolved extended phase graph algorithm for T2 estimation from decay curves contaminated by indirect echoes was proposed. However, the application of this algorithm to highly undersampled data is challenging because the decay curves need to be reconstructed from limited data. A direct model-based algorithm results in a highly non-linear system which is difficult to solve. In this work, SlicE Resolved ExteNd phAse graph baseD rEconstruction of principal component coefficient maps (SERENADE) algorithm is proposed to obtain accurate T2 decay curves hence accurate T2 estimates from data acquired in a short period of time.