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Abstract #0472

Simultaneous OEF & Haematocrit Assessment Using T2 Prepared Blood Relaxation Imaging with Inversion Recovery

MAGNA25Esben Thade Petersen1, 2, Jill De Vis1, Thomas Alderliesten3, Karina J. Kersbergen3, Manon Benders3, Jeroen Hendrikse1, C. A. T. van den Berg2

1Department of Radiology, UMC, Utrecht, Netherlands; 2Department of Radiotherapy, UMC, Utrecht, Netherlands; 3Neonatology, Wilhemina Children's Hospital, Utrecht, Netherlands

In this work we present a robust method which simultaneously measures T1 and T2 of the venous blood using a T2-Prepared Tissue Relaxation Inversion Recovery (T2-TRIR) sequence from where both oxygen extraction fraction (OEF) and haematocrit (Htc) are estimated. Four volunteers and 5 neonates were scanned using T2-TRIR. The initial results pinpoints the heterogeneity of T1 (Htc) and T2 (OEF) in neonates as compared to adults which necessitates mapping of bloods T1 to correct cerebral blood flow quantification using ASL or for calibrating OEF in these patients. Similar heterogeneity can be expected in cancer patients undergoing chemo and radio therapy.