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Abstract #0506

Arterial, Venous and CSF Flow Analyses Using PC-MRI at Intra/extra-Cranial Levels: A WIP Study Comparing MS Patients Vs Matched Controls

Souraya El Sankari1, Olivier Baldent2, Vincent van Pesch1, Christian Sindic1, Thierry Duprez3

1Neurology, Catholic University of Louvain, Brussels, Belgium; 2Imaging and Biophysics, Amiens University Hospital, Amiens, France; 3Neuroradiology, Catholic University of Louvain, Brussels, Belgium

Recent Doppler sonographic studies have hypothesized venous dysfunction implication in the pathogenesis of for multiple sclerosis (MS). Using Phase Contrast (PC) MRI non invasive technique, we have collected arterial (carotidian and vertebral), venous (jugular cervical veins and intracranial sinuses), and CSF (aqueductal and cervical subarachnoidian) flows, and analyzed them using a home-made software. We show in the present work, that intracranial and cervical venous flows are comparable in 12 MS patients and 12 aged-matched healthy controls paired for the arterial filling flows. The only difference consists of increased cervical CSF stroke volumes. Results are discussed as regards to literature data.