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Abstract #0574

High Resolution Mouse Kidneys Perfusion Imaging Using Pseudocontinuous ASL (PCASL) at Very High Field (11.75T)

Guillaume Duhamel1, Virginie Callot1, Patrick J. Cozzone1

1CRMBM, UMR 6612, CNRS, Aix-Marseille University, Marseille, France

Reliable assessment of the kidneys microvascular perfusion would be very valuable for many renal diseases which have shown to be linked to damage or loss of renal microvessels. Arterial Spin Labeling, despite its low sensitivity, had shown great potential for quantification of renal blood flow (RBF), by offering a simple quantification model and a blood contrast specificity without any contrast agent injection. This work presents the application of the highly sensitive pseudocontinuous ASL (pCASL) technique at 11.75T for high resolution mouse renal perfusion measurement.