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Abstract #0650

Increased FA in Acute TBI Rat Marmarau Model Followed by Decreased FA During Subacute Stage: A TBSS Study

MAGNA25Ramtilak Gattu1, Randall R. Benson2, 3, Zhifeng Kou4, Nisrine Zakaria5, Srinivasu Kallakuri5, Yimin Shen, John M. Cavanaugh5, Hardik J. Doshi5, Ewart M. Haacke6

1Radiology, Wayne State university School of Medicine, Novi, MI, United States; 2Neurology, Wayne State university School of Medicine; 3Center for Neurological studies, Novi, MI, United States; 4Radiology and Biomedical Engg, Wayne State university; 5Biomedical Engineering, Wayne State university; 6Radiology and Biomedical Engg, Wayne State university School of Medicine

With the current study, our objective is to establish an advanced MR imaging-based version of the Marmarou rodent model of diffuse axonal injury.The focus of the current abstract is to examine DTI measures over the entire rat brain pre and post injury and over time (4 hrs to 7 days) to determine the natural history of fractional anisotropy (FA) at hyperacute, acute and subacute stages. Contradictory findings in the literature regarding FA measures acutely (increase vs. decrease) exist, highlighting the importance of controlled longitudinal studies to clarify this and complex issues were studied using TBSS in rats.