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Abstract #0691

Comparison of Probabilistic Diffusion Tensor Tractography with Histological Tracer Studies & RSFC in the Rhesus Macaque

MAGNA25Elizabeth Zakszewski1, Andrew S. Fox1, Jonathan Oler1, Nagesh Adluru1, Alexander K. Converse1, Jeffrey M. Moirano1, Ned Kalin1, Andrew L. Alexander1

1University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, United States

Examinations of probabilistic tractography have identified major tracts across the brain, but little has been done to compare them to well-established tracer studies. Therefore, diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) probabilistic tractography of white matter (WM) was performed on a DTI template generated from 271 rhesus macaques. Injection sites from tracer experiments in literature were chosen as seed regions from which to begin tractography. Results demonstrated the probabilistic connectivity maps obtained on the DTI template were largely consistent with connectivity maps from the tracer studies.