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Abstract #0749

Registration of DCE-MRI Using Robust Data Decomposition

Valentin Hamy1, Andrew Melbourne2, Benjamin Trmoulhac2, Shonit Punwani1, David Atkinson1

1Centre for Medical Imaging, UCL, London, United Kingdom; 2Centre for Medical Image Computing, UCL, London, United Kingdom

Dynamic Contrast Enhanced (DCE) MRI is a technique used in oncology to extract quantitative information about tumours. However, when it comes to image organs in the thorax or the abdomen, several types of motion (e.g. patients breathing, heartbeat and bowel peristalsis) can lead to errors in the estimation of that quantitative information. The study we present proposes a new technique aimed at compensating deformations/displacements due to motion in DCE images acquired using a repeat breath-hold protocol or a free breathing protocol.