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Abstract #0750

An Automated Intensity Correction, Registration & Volume Stitching Algorithm for Reconstruction of the Whole Spine from 7 Tesla MR Data

Oleh Dzyubachyk1, Boudewijn Lelieveldt1, 2, Jorik Blaas1, Monique Reijnierse1, Andrew Webb1, Rob van der Geest1

1Department of Radiology, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, Netherlands; 2Mediamatics Department, Delft University of Technology, Delft, Netherlands

Initial feasibility studies have shown the promise of 7T MRI for studying spine disorders. However, diagnosis based on such data is compromised by the presence of high intensity inhomogeneities and the need to analyze several separately acquired image stacks. In practice, both intensity inhomogeneity correction and volume stitching must be performed manually. Here we present our novel fully automated algorithm for reconstructing a whole spine volume from a set of image stacks acquired on a 7T MR scanner.