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Abstract #0892

A Validation Study of T2*-Weighted Signal Change of Oxygen Challenge as a Biomarker of Penumbra

Fang Du1, Qiang Shen1, Shiliang Huang1, Timothy Q. Duong1

1Reseach Imaging Institute, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX, United States

Mismatch of diffusion/perfusion by MRI has been used as an estimate of the ischemic penumbra, but there are large parts of the mismatch region appear not to at risk and it was also reported that some of the apparent diffusion coefficient reduction area can be salvaged by early reperfusion. We hypothesis that T2*-weighted signal change following oxygen challenge could be used as an improved biomarker of penumbra. We tested this hypothesis on transient (45 mins) focal ischemic rats.