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Abstract #0912

Selective Hippocampal Vulnerability to LPS-Induced Inflammation Revealed by Multi-Parametric MRI

Ana Belen Martin-Recuero1, Agnieszka Krzyzanowska2, Pilar Lpez-Larrubia1, Carlos Avendao2, Sebastian Cerdn1

1Instituto de Investigaciones Biomdicas, Alberto Sols, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientficas, Madrid, Spain; 2Anatomy, Histology & Neuroscience, Medical School, Autonoma Univ. of Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Cerebral inflammation underlies the most prevalent and morbid pathologies, including cancer and neurodegeneration. A better understanding of inflammation processes paves the way for more accurate diagnoses and effective therapies. However, the imaging signatures of inflammation remain elusive, being many times difficult to discriminate from those derived from the underlying pathologies. To this end, we report here a longitudinal multi-parametric MRI characterization of cerebral inflammation after the systemic administration of lypopolisacharide (LPS). DWI, MT and T2 maps revealed selective hippocampal and cortical damage one day after the injection, increasing three days after in the hippocampus but disappearing in the cortex.