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Abstract #0915

Cannabinod Treatment Induces Temporal Biomechanical Alterations in the Juvenile Rat Hippocampus

Simon Chatelin1, Marie Humbert-Claude2, Valrie Vilgrain1, Bernard E. Van Beers1, Zsolt Lenkei2, Ralph Sinkus1

1U773-CRB3, INSERM, Paris, France; 2Laboratoire Neurobiologie et Diversit Cellulaire, ESPCI-CNRS, UMR7637, Paris, France

This study shows for the first time a significant temporal alteration of young rat brain mechanical properties after cannabinod injection by in vivo MR-Elastography. This effect is relevant in fiber-rich regions and a modification of their axonal structures can be supposed. It would confirm that CB1R receptors may play an important role in the regulation of structural plasticity and neuronal remodeling in the postnatal brain with significant effects on brain stiffness.