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Abstract #0916

Temporal Assessment of Abnormal Microvasculature in R6/2 Transgenic Mouse Model of Huntington's Disease by BOLD Contrast Microscopic MRA

Chien-Hsiang Huang1, 2, Chiao-Chi V. Chen2, Sheng-Hsiou Hsu2, Fu-Shan Jaw1, Chen Chang2

1Institute of Biomedical Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan; 2Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan

Cerebral microvascular aberrations are increasingly recognized as a major disturbance in brain disorders, including Huntingtons disease (HD). To appreciate such abnormalities, approaches sensitive to the detection of small vessel changes are necessary. In this study, a new 3D microscopic magnetic resonance angiography was developed based upon the intrinsic BOLD contrast. This new method does not require the use of contrast agents and thus is highly practical in the clinical settings. We demonstrate herein the sensitivity and usefulness of this new tool to longitudinally monitor the abnormal microvasculature in mice with HD.