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Abstract #0928

Axonal Degeneration in the APP/PS1 Mouse Model of Alzheimers Disease

Marianne Dorothea Keller1, Nyoman Kurniawan2, Kerstin Pannek1, Stephen Edwards1, Stephen Rose1, Maree Smith1, Elizabeth Coulson1, Ian Brereton1

1The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Qld, Australia; 2The University of Queensland, Brisbane , Qld, Australia

The cholinergic hypothesis states that dysfunction of acetylcholine containing neurons cause the cognitive decline in Alzheimer's disease patients. This project used tractography in a transgenic mouse model (APP/PS1). The transgenic model develops a large Amyloid-β plaque load. We found significant changes due to axonal degeneration of cholinergic fibres that have their origin in the basal forebrain.