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Abstract #0944

Detection of Spontaneous Pain Due to Chronic Pain in the Rat

Yuko Kawai1, Masahiro Umeda1, Yasuharu Watanabe1, Toshihiro Higuchi2, Chuzo Tanaka2

1Medical Informatics, Meiji University of Integrative Medicine, Kyoto, Japan; 2Neurosurgery, Meiji University of Integrative Medicine, Kyoto, Japan

Introduction: Spontaneous pain and allodynia are the common complaint in chronic pain conditions. The purpose of this study is to detect brain activation spontaneous pain using AIM MRI in a segmental spinal nerve ligation (SNL) model.Methods: The right L5 spinal nerves were ligated with silk sutures. The AIM MRI were acquired using a 4.7-T MRI system.Results: Spontaneous pain induced brain activation was successfully visualized using AIM MRI. Signal enhancement was observed in the contralateral side of the primary somatosensory area (S1) and ipsilateral side cingulate areas (Cg).