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Abstract #0958

Biweekly Repeated Topical-Loaded Manganese-Enhanced MRI in Mouse Visual System for Three Months

Hsiao-Fang Liang1, Tiffany Thiel1, Erik Valenti1, Martha Henao1, Shu-Wei Sun1, 2

1Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA, United States; 2University of California, Riverside, CA, United States

Topical loaded MEMRI was performed biweekly for 14 weeks. The 1M MnCl2 solution was prepared in 4 variations: 1M MnCl2 in PBS saline (Group 1) or DI water (Group 2) a day before the topical administration, NaOH to adjust pH in 1 day old 1M MnCl2 in DI water (group 3), and fresh-prepared 1M MnCl2 in DI water (group 4). Consistent and reproducible MEMRI were seen in all groups except Group 2. One mouse in Group 2 showed significant optic nerve damage.