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Abstract #1288

T2-Weighted VISTA of the Liver: Parameter Optimization and Its Clinical Application in Gadoxetate-Enhanced MR Imaging

Kengo Yoshimitsu1, Kimiyo Inoue2, Wirana Angthong2, Ritsuko Fujimtsu2, Mikiko Shimakura2, Atsushi Takemura3, Makoto Obara3, Marc van Cauteren3

1Radiology, Fukuoka University, Fukuoka, Japan; 2Fukuoka University, Japan; 3Philips Medical Systems, Japan

T2-weighted VISTA for liver imaging was optimized with RFA 30, TSE factor 100, and radial order turbo direction. In clinical situation, VISTA with these parameters and respiratory navigation provided better T2-weighted images with high resolution and black blood as compared to breath-hold 2DTSE in gadoxetate-enhanced MR protocol, without extending the whole examination time. Because of its susceptibility to motion, however, signal reduction may occur in ascitic fluid or pleural effusion, and therefore concurrent use of TSE may be recommended.