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Abstract #1363

Simultaneous Measurement of Fat Content and Phosphorous Compounds of Liver in Middle Aged to Elderly Healthy Subjects

Alessandra Laufs1, Roshan Livingstone1, Sabine Link1, Bettina Nowotny1, Birgit Klueppelholz2, Guido Giani2, Jrgen Bunke3, Michael Roden1, 4, Jong-Hee Hwang1

1Institute for Clinical Diabetology, German Diabetes Center, Dsseldorf, Germany; 2Institute for Biometry and Epidemiology, German Diabetes Center, Dsseldorf, Germany; 3Philips Healthcare, Hamburg, Germany; 4Department of Metabolic Diseases, University Clinics Dsseldorf, Heinrich Heine University, Dsseldorf, Germany

In order to evaluate relations between age, liver fat, and ATP in the liver in 51 healthy subjects over 40 years old, liver fat by 1H MRS and 31P MRS of liver using 3D ISIS were obtained on a 3T scanner. As a result, the mean values of γ-ATP/Pi ratios and the liver fat content were 1.250.29 and 4.56%. ATP/Pi correlated with liver fat (r=0.29, p<0.05), and