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Abstract #1364

Echo Time Compensation Adds Robustnes to Symmetrically Sampled Two Point Dixon Imaging

Thobias Romu1, 2, Louise Elander3, Magnus Borga1, 2, Olof Dahlqvist Leinhard, 24

1Department of Biomedical Engineering, Linkpings Universitet, Linkping, Ostergotland, Sweden; 2CMIV, Linkpings Universitet, Linkping, Sweden; 3County Council of Ostergotland, Linkping, Sweden; 4Depts of Radiation Physics, Linkping University and Radiation Physics, UHL County Council of Ostergotland, Linkping, Sweden

When leaving the comfortable zone of the first OP/IP echos small adjustments in TE can make a huge difference for symmetrically sampled Dixon imaging. Fortunately on the fly compensation is relatively easy using a short single voxel spectroscopy scan and a model of the fat/water interference. The method is tested using the second OP and third IP echo, both In Vitro and in vivo.