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Abstract #1429

Comparison of 2- And 3-Point Dixon Muscle Fat Content with Chemical Analysis

Monika Gloor1, Evelyn Ilg Hampe2, Dirk Fischer3, Oliver Bieri1, Arne Fischmann4

1University of Basel Hospital, Radiological Physics, Basel, Switzerland; 2Gesundheitsdepartement Basel-Stadt, Basel, Switzerland; 3University of Basel Hospital, Neurology, Basel, Switzerland; 4University of Basel Hospital, Neuroradiology, Basel, Switzerland

Fat quantification based on 2- and 3-point Dixon techniques is a promising measure for clinical trials e.g. in muscular dystrophies, where normal muscle is replaced by fatty and connective tissue. However, it is unclear which chemical components are exactly accounted for by MT-determined fat fractions. In this work, fat content in several meat samples is determined by an extended 2-point Dixon and a 3-point Dixon technique and compared to a chemical analysis of triglyceride and fatty acid content of the samples. The results are of interest for the interpretation of previous and future quantitative MR measurements of muscle fat content.