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Abstract #1430

Validation of a Practical Approach to Muscle T2 Determination in Fatty-Infiltrated Skeletal Muscles

Noura Azzabou1, 2, Paulo Loureiro de Sousa1, 3, Pierre G. Carlier, 34

1NMR Laboratory, Institute of Myology, , Paris, France; 2NMR Laboratory, CEA, IBM, MIRCen, IdM, Paris, France; 3NMR Laboratory, CEA, IBM, MIRCen, IdM , Paris, France; 4NMR Laboratory, Institute of Myology,, Paris, France

In the field of neuromuscular disorders, muscle water T2 measurement is proposed as a marker of disease progression. However in case of fat infiltrated muscle since T2 values are higher in fat than in water, mono-exponential fits of non-fat-suppressed echo trains will result in T2 values that principally reflect the degree of fat infiltration. Yet fat-suppression often fails over large volumes.