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Abstract #1478

Feasibility of Extracting Quantitative Arterial Input Functions from Descending Aorta in Breast DCE MRI Studies

Dennis Lai Hong Cheong1, 2, Bingwen Zheng1, Bo Zhang1, 3, Soo Chin Lee4, 5, Thian Chor Ng1, 6

1Clinical Imaging Research Center, A*STAR & National University of Singapore, 117456, Singapore; 2Neuroradiology Department, National Neuroscience Institute, 308433, Singapore; 3Quantitative Image Processing Group, SBIC/A*STAR, 138671, Singapore; 4Department of Haematology-Oncology, National University Health System, 119074, Singapore; 5Cancer Science Institute, 117456, Singapore; 6Department of Radiology, National University of Singapore, 119074, Singapore

Individually measured arterial input functions (AIF) are critical for quantitative DCE MRI studies. Typical field of view (FOV) for breast DCE MRI do not cover major artery supplying the breast. We explored the feasibility of including the descending aorta in the FOV by using an additional surface coil placed on the back of patients for better proximity in positioning for direct measurements of AIF from the aorta. However, there are serious blood inflow effects at the descending aorta where blood flow is fast. Nevertheless, inflow effect is avoidable by extracting AIF at a more distal end along the aorta.