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Abstract #1496

Peak Enhancement of Up to 1.0cm Breast Masses May Help Differentiate Cancers from Benign Entities

Amy Melsaether1, Alana R. Amarosa1, Nathaniel Margolis1, Melanie Moccaldi1, Samantha Heller1, Sungheon Kim1, Linda Moy1

1Radiology, NYU School of Medicine, New York, United States

Malignant breast masses measuring up to 1.0cm are frequently occult on conventional imaging and demonstrate overlapping morphology with benign entities on dynamic contrast enhanced MRI. We therefore investigated whether kinetic markers including time to peak enhancement, peak enhancement, and signal enhancement ratio (SER) can be used to separate these malignancies from benign findings. Thirty up to 1.0cm masses and foci were analyzed for these variables using DynaCAD. Results demonstrate a trend towards increased peak enhancement in malignant masses and suggest benign biopsies could be decreased by establishing a minimum enhancement threshold for biopsy.